Some of Our Favorite Places to Visit...

INAFA logo International Native American Flute Association We are proud members of INAFA. Visit their website for information on the many people involved in the flute world.

Flute Circles
This is only a partial list. To find the circle nearest you, visit the INAFA website.
Spring Cypress Flute Circle - A nicely done site with CD reviews.
Cascadia Flute Circle - Great articles on flute playing.

Flute Festivals
Musical Echoes - Takes place in Florida in April.
Potomac Flute Festival - Held in March.
Zion Canyon Art and Flute Festival - Now in May!

Flute Makers
Brent Haines - Handcrafted to the highest standard, Brent's flutes are a wonderful combination of beauty and play ability.
Ken Light - Finely crafted flutes of Western Red Cedar.
Mad Max Flutes - Beautiful flutes in exotic woods.
Oregon Flute Store- The one stop for all your flute needs. Flutes, flute making supplies, books and music.
Spirit of the Woods Flutes - Let Ed Hrebec make your flute a work of art with custom woods and hand painted graphics.
Wind's Song Flutes by Scott Loomis- Scott's flutes are featured on both of Twohawk's albums. They are beautifully crafted to exacting standards.
Wind Dancer Flutes - Bronze Sculpture by Roger McGee- Wind Dancer Studios, specializing in hand carved, Native American flutes and Limited Edition Bronze Sculptures by internationally renowned Artist and Master Flute Maker, Roger McGee.

R. Carlos Nakai - Nakai's style is sometimes traditional, sometimes New Age, or even sometimes jazz, but always great.
Sierra Noble - A young fiddling sensation from Canada and friend of ours.
Peter Phippen - A new favorite, Phippen plays a variety of world flutes with amazing skill.
Jan Michael Looking Wolf Reibach - Multiple award winning flutist. Be sure to read his inspiring story, "Second Chance."
Twohawks - Our own founder and inspiration, Twohawk's CDs have been given great reviews. Listen to his music here.
Mary Youngblood - The first Native American female to professionally record the Native American flute, she holds her own in a field still dominated by men.

Native Crafts
Coyote Moon- Jewelry, crystals, and singing bowls are only a few of the many items they carry. A truly unique shopping experience.
Dancing Star Creations- Handcrafted dream catchers, medicine wheels and feathers.

Flutetree - A large selection of free sheet music.
Louisiana Indian Heritage Association- A non-profit organization for the preservation of Native American knowledge and tradition through powwows and outreach programs.
Native American Flute Portal - Articles, downloads, auction and more.

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