What's New

9/11/2010 After a total crash of the Blog Site, during rebuilding of the blog, we switched the relative positions of the blog and website. Same fine content on both.

9/9/2010 New blog entry.

9/7/2010 Shifted website info to blog. Added articles, music and links to the blog.

9/6/2010 Formatted and uploaded 2 new articles. New blog entry posted.

9/5/2010 Began new blog entry when I found I needed to upgrade my Wordpress files. After installing the upgrade, I began looking at newer themes designed to work with the new version of WordPress. This led to changing the website to co-ordinate with the blog and updating other sections.

9/4/2010 Began writing new articles to update that page.

9/3/2010 Added 3 more hymns.

8/20/2010 Added 3 more hymns.

8/14/2010 New column added to Music page layout. Added 48 tab only songs. Updated blog.

8/13/2010 Added 3 more hymns.

7/25/2010 Updated blog, checked links, added 6 hymns.

11/2/2009 Added 9 Christmas songs to music page, updated blog, updated links.

2/22/2009 Added a song to music page and updated links.

8/4/2008 Added another member.

7/25/2008 Added two member bios.

9/24/2007 Re-made Music page to include 5-hole diagrams for each song.

9/15/2007 Blog entry added.

8/7/2007 After six weeks of computer crashing and modem problems, I was finally able to resume blog entries.

5/27/2007 New category and three new songs added to music page.

5/15/2007 Two new rounds added to music page.

5/1/2007 Added photo plug-in and photo page to the blog.

4/19 - 4/22 Worked on the underlying code for the website.

4/17/2007 Added plug-in to blog to make printing a post possible. About Us page added to the blog.

4/16/2007 For some reason, the new color scheme was not reflected in the blog calendar. I spent time troubleshooting and fixing the calendar colors to match the new theme. New plug-ins were also added to the blog. A new "share this" button allows you to e-mail a blog entry to a friend.

4/13/2007 Added blog entry

4/6/2007 Added Rounds category to Music page with two new songs.

4/2/2007 Added photo and caption to the Performances page. Added photo and blog entry to blog.

3/31/2007 What's new page added. Page links updated. New, more elegant color scheme.

3/30/2007 Link added for Oklahoma Flute Fest.

3/29/2007 26 songs in TAB added to Music page. Blog entry written.

3/4/2007 Robin's bio received and added.

2/27/2007 Clyde's bio received and added.

2/19/2007 Fingering chart for "When the Saints Go Marching In" added to music page. (Submitted by Twohawks.)

2/9/2007 Replaced Twohawks' photo on Members page.

2/7/2007 Birdie's bio added. Article added.(Submitted by Twohawks.)

2/3/2007 Lee's bio received and added.

2/1/2007 Fixed typo in article.

1/31/2007 Music page added with two mp3 files. (Submitted by Twohawks.) Article added. (Submitted by Twohawks.) Charlie's bio received and added.

1/30/2007 Article added.(Submitted by Twohawks.)

1/29/2007 Articles page added with two original articles. Blog entry written.

1/23/2007 Fixed some links.

1/22/2007 Greg's bio added. Performance page redone with added photos.

1/20/2007 Added members' bios for Byron, Paula, Jeff T. and Twohawks.

1/18/2007 Paula's name added to contact page by request.

1/11/2007 Added link to Sierra Noble. Began work on Members' page, sent e-mail asking for bios.

1/10/2007 Blog item added. Changed link to Dancing Star Creations.

1/9/2007 Moved a link in wrong category.

1/9/2007 Site officially moved to its new home at lanaflutes.com. Announced to everyone with old links.

12/30/2006 Home page combined with About Us. The whole page was re-written.

12/18/2006 Worked on blog entries and fixed some typos.

12/17/2006 The first run of the new website is announced to the members of the flute circle. The website has Home, About Us, Contact, and Performances pages and a blog.